You don’t have to choose between a wildly fulfilling purpose-driven life and strong relationships, romantic and otherwise.
In fact, only with strong relationships can you truly experience fulfillment in your business and your life.
Being able to cultivate strong relationships is THE common denominator of the healthiest, happiest, wealthiest, most successful and longest living people studied over a span of 75-years*.

Yet the curse of high achievers and individuals in love with their work in the world is often strained relationships.

It's not your fault, and it doesn’t have to be that way. 

To truly reach your potential and make the impact in the world that you’re here for, strong relationships are fundamental.

*for more information on that study, see:
At My Best Relationship Society, we are committed to you having it all: 
  • Rock solid relationships across the board that help catapult you into even greater amounts of success.
  •  Feeling understood and supported by the ones who matter most.
  • Having relationships that support your work and work that supports your relationships.
  •  Unlocked potential. Peak performance. Limitless possibility.
It’s all connected.
It’s time to take care of this critical aspect of your life that is the missing link between success and fulfillment.

My Best Relationship Society is a community of conscious and purpose driven individuals who are here to make the most of their lives. From entrepreneurs and artists to career focused professionals, we are committed to creating relationships that support our work in the world.

By tapping into cutting edge neuroscience, research on what really makes relationships work and keys to unlocking your potential, My Best Relationship Society delivers the support, custom fit laser coaching and education that’s needed for you to thrive with others while remaining the strong individual that you already are in order to experience greater success, fulfillment and impact from your work in the world.

"Week after week, I'm blown away by the relevant content and techniques taught to us. The value and benefits I've felt in my own life and relationships has been more than I can explain. I'd highly recommend this group to anyone looking to strengthen those important relationships in your life."
A short list of benefits of joining our society includes:
  •  An understanding of how to be in a relationship in which you are seen, heard, understood and supported (no more blood boiling arguments that go nowhere)
  • Deepened connection with those who matter to you (even if you sometimes want to ignore them or tune them out right now!)
  • Improved communication (go from banging your head against the wall to mutual understanding)
  •  More ease and joy in your relationships with others (that includes your kids, friends and family who don’t get it, and clients too)
  •  Increased emotional awareness and intelligence (which has been shown to be more important than IQ in many settings)
  •  An understanding of how love works (based on cutting edge neuroscience) and how to keep your relationship strong and vibrant
  •  Learning how to identify and get what you need, without feeling resentful or frustrated
  •  Connections online with real people like you who can relate to your journey and be a part of a community (loneliness is killer; we are in this together)
  •  A fresh perspective on what may really going on in your relationship if you are struggling to connect (you will like what you discover!)
"The breadth and depth of Jenev’s knowledge is only equaled by the breadth and depth of her heart. We can count on you for guidance that is both evidence-based and practical. I am so grateful for the support you have given me over the past several years, through thick and thin!"
My Best Relationship Society is for people who are passionate about living their fullest lives and living out their visions, and are ready to deepen their relationships, self-awareness and emotional understanding.

Like my client Kim (name disguised for privacy) who came to me because while she loved her husband, he wasn’t supportive of her business, and the more she tried to work on this with him, the worse their problems became. She doubted that she’d ever be able to make peace between her relationship and her business, but when she discovered how to deepen her connection with her husband, she became more confident and empowered in her business as well. He no longer felt secondary to her business (he never actually was), and became her #1 supporter, which helped her take even more risks to grow her business in bigger ways.
Or Kate, who was initially hesitant to do this kind of work because she was skeptical that she could improve what felt like a relationship that was going to end. She believed working for herself only made things worse, but wasn’t willing to give up her dreams to settle in a mediocre relationship. After some shifts in perspective and work together, Kate and her partner understood each other in an entirely new way, felt a deeper connection, finally could communicate and feel understood, and said their relationship was better than they had ever experienced in their 10+ years together. She felt more energized and strong overall and in her business as a result.
I want to make sure that this is a good fit so that you will experience the best results possible and the process will be enjoyable.
  • You must be willing to look at yourself and revise old patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you.
  •  You are ready to join a community of people who are traveling alongside you to greener pastures where connection is king and your legacy will be that much more powerful because of it.
  • This is NOT for you if you are experiencing any degree of violence in your relationship right now, if that is the case I urge you to get more intensive help by visiting
  •  This is also not for you if you are unwilling to change your behavior or look at yourself with a fresh perspective.
  • If you are a couple in crisis I urge you to find a qualified psychotherapist near you by working with an Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT is considered the gold standard of couples therapy):
  • CLICK HERE for the International Centre for Excellence in EFT to find a therapist near you.
  • But this IS for you if you are an individual or couple ready to deepen your most significant relationships with each other, yourself, your work in the world and significant others.
  •  You are an innovator always creating your best life and you understand that LOVE is a key element of that.

"I love hearing others' takes on a familiar situations, it really helps put your own thoughts into perspective! Everyone in the community has been very warm and willing to help. Also, the Master Class topics that you put together are very insightful and thought-provoking. Overall, My Best Relationship Society is a really great experience.”
Here’s what you’ll get when you join today:
  •  Monthly LIVE masterclasses taught on a variety of topics (we cater them to your needs and requests)Deepened connection with those who matter to you (even if you sometimes want to ignore them or tune them out right now!)
  • A library of past classes
  •  Monthly LIVE coaching calls with Dr. Jenev where you can receive laser coaching on your latest questions and stuck points
  • A community of like minded innovators and visionaries committed to creating their best relationships alongside you – connect and support each other
  •  A secret Facebook group to connect with your fellow society members

You’ll receive a BONUS for joining today:

My 6-week course - yours free, for joining us today, to truly understand and create your richest and most rewarding romantic relationship, whether you’re single or currently in a relationship:

REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR LOVE - How To Find And Enjoy True Love, Even If You Think You Can’t
By going through this material, you will discover:
  • What you want versus what you need for a healthy relationship (hint: they’re not always the same!)
  •  Your personal patterns in love that haven’t worked, and how to reverse them so you will find the RIGHT partner for you
  • The warning signs of toxicity in a potential mate so you can move on faster and avoid getting your feelings all tangled up
  •  How to set boundaries so you feel comfortable with the pace of your blossoming relationship, whether it’s in the early stages of dating or several months in
  •  How to navigate the challenges that arise in every relationship so you can communicate clearly and without those silly games
  •  Your own confidence to stand for what you desire and not settle, and how to know the difference between settling and simply being flexible
  •  What your childhood has to do with it, and simple energy techniques to raise your love vibration and finally let the past go.
The best way to flourish is to love and be loved.
Our intimate relationships are not only our teachers, but when strong, they give our brains a safety cue that makes it easier to face what can be a scary, uncertain and crazy world.

Sometimes, though, these relationships are the scariest places to be, so we don’t dare breaking out of old “safe” patterns, but wind up giving up on love before it’s even got a chance.

Taking the risk to open your heart to the right relationship is one of the best things you can do to raise your consciousness, vibration, heal your soul and truly create the life of your dreams.
Revolutionize Your Love will show you how to do that.
"Jenev has been invaluable in shifting the trajectory of my relationship with my partner of 7 years. Not only has the way we talk to and treat one another changed tremendously, these changes have had an even greater impact because they have happened within the context of a much deeper understanding regarding love relationships, our early messages about love, our patterns in love, and what’s really going on when two people who love each other can’t connect."
With Revolutionize Your Love as a foundation for your romantic relationship and the material, coaching and support in My Best Relationship Society, you will be equipped to create rock solid relationships across the board, and will experience deep fulfillment as a result.

"Before taking this program Jenev, I was completely frustrated with my negative relationship patterns. I couldn’t “just stop” dating the same type of man over and over!

During my time with Jenev, I learned a ton about myself as well as valuable healing tools to help me overcome my fears and make me more comfortable within myself and with pursuing a romantic relationship. Jenev provides a supportive, knowledgeable, platform in which I honestly felt for the first time since high school that a successful love relationship was possible, and even good for me!"
Reach even more of your potential by harnessing the power of this innate part of you, connection, that is only starting to be recognized as fundamental on the path to peak performance and personal development.
"I appreciate Jenev’s ability to give better support than many self-development experts, who just say to leave a relationship more often than not if you are having issues.
However, Jenev is able to come from a place that highly values romantic relationships but at the same time doesn’t allow you to settle. I learned a lot about my negative relationship patterns and started the path to healing them."
You'll immediately get access to a secret Facebook group, Revolutionize Your Love, as well as 10+ Masterclasses, and 2X monthly live calls.

There is no commitment to stay, so come join the community, soak up the trainings, shift your perspective, and deepen your connections. We would so love to have you.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is My Best Relationship Society just about romantic relationships?
Ultimately our program is about relationships in general - with yourself, with your work in the world and with others. While we do talk a lot about romantic relationships since they tend to be the most intense, the program is not solely about romantic relationships (the bonus course, Revolutionize Your Love, is specifically about romantic relationships)
How long is the program?
This is a membership community that has a month to month contract. There is commitment other than the 30 days you join for and you can leave at any time.
Do you offer 1:1 support as part of this program?
My Best Relationship Society is a group program that does not offer 1:1 support, however, we do have limited 1:1 coaching spots available at a higher price point.  

Upon checkout, if spots are available, you will be able to purchase monthly 1:1 sessions from me as the VIP tier to this program.
I am not in a romantic relationship at this time, is this still for me?
YES! This program is not just about romantic relationships but can help you with them whether you are in one or not.
What is your refund policy?
We do not have one because there is no commitment to stay.
When are the group calls and Masterclasses?
At this time the Masterclasses are the first Tuesday of the month at 1pm Eastern Time (11am California; 7pm UK). They are recorded and uploaded into the membership area within 24 hours.

The open group calls are the third Tuesday of the month at 1pm Eastern Time (11am California; 7pm UK).
I have more questions that aren’t covered here. How do I get in touch?
Contact me here! We will reply ASAP :) Thanks for reaching out.
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